Director Matthew Vaughn's Spy Movie 'Argylle' Is Getting Some Movement

(Photo: Getty Images)

Matthew Vaughn has a new movie in the works, which he is set to direct, with filming having just begun.

The spy thriller, Argylle, is "off and running" in Europe, reports 

Casting was announced earlier this year, with Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson and Catherine O'Hara set to star.

The movie is based on Ellie Conway's forthcoming novel, which is scheduled to publish in 2022. The movie adaptation will focus on a globe-trotting spy named Argylle, who is on a whirlwind adventure.

There's no mention of who's set to play Argylle, so that's still up in the air.

The synopsis is brief, and leaves a lot of room for the imagination, but Vaughn helps fill in the blanks, when talking about his excitement for the project.

He said in a statement, "We have assembled an absolutely stellar cast to inhabit each of the wonderfully original and captivating characters in this thrill ride of a story,” reports Deadline. 

“We’re so excited that production is now off and running, bringing us closer to sharing this epic action spectacle with audiences around the world.”

In addition to the above casting, you can also look for Ariana DeBose, John Cena, Bryan Cranston, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, and singer Dua Lipa making her feature film acting debut.

This story is so secretive, there's no description for the book online. Argylle is that good at hiding his identity.

Who would you cast in the title role?